Sunday, 11 August 2013

Please Do Not Run, Fly.

We live fast lives. Who ever has the time nowadays? Time to stop, time take it slow. The time to think. Reflection is a luxury few can afford, for at every available moment, you are constantly battling. At every moment, you are making sacrifices, often sacrificing yourself for others or giving away pieces of yourself, so others can be whole. You often have to sacrifice who you are, for you want to be, but what if that doesn't happen? What then?
To often, we walk through life without the kind of guidance that will allow us to overcome certain situations.
We are becoming so increasingly disconnected from each other - our differences are highlighted way more than our similarities - that we do not recognise one another, in our journeys, during those subtle moments when our paths cross. And so it happens, too often, we suffer in the quiet of our hearts, there we let the dust settle. There, we let the clouds pour, until a deluge drowns us. There, we become submerged.

I'm writing a short story "Please do not run, fly" which I will release shortly (the release date will be announced soon), which hopefully addresses some of the issues raised above. This story is the anticlimactic story, it is the about those who you would not necessarily hear about because it wasn't grand enough, because it doesn't capture everyone's attention. We cannot bear the suffering of the "not quite", the "almost" and the "nearly". We want either the success story or the tragedy, the rest makes little sense to us, which is puzzling because the majority of people in the world are neither the success or tragedy, the majority linger on this thread of the "almost" and the "nearly". As human beings, we are too comfortable with dichotomy, the either/or, the left or right, the up or down. Our holistic existence is rarely fulfilled because our thinking does not follow this.

Every artist gives a piece of themselves to the works that they produce, and I have certainly done so here. The inspiration for this came when I was walking underneath a tunnel and there was a sign which read "Please Do Not Run", which I found to be the most peculiar message for its location. I related this message to society, and life in general and found that we are constantly being spoken to in negatives, we are constantly to what not to do, so it's no surprise that knowing what to do, often comes as luck, or experience (after many failed attempts). What if we were spoken to positively? What if we contemplated our existence as interconnected and holistic? Hopefully this story will take us a little bit closer to that.

This will be released for FREE DOWNLOAD as an eBook, on Kindle, iBooks, etc. The release date and further information will be provided very soon so please stay in tuned.
I have also written a poem, which I will be uploading in the coming week about this matter, so make sure you watch out for that aswell.

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