Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Change The Way We See The World

A new year often brings a new sense of perspective, a reinvigorated enthusiasm and an endless joy, overflowing from the cup life, at the prospect of what could be. For the realist or the cynic, it is just another day, and to a certain extent this true, however, what differs is the symbolism associated with this new day, though seeing a new day itself is reason enough to celebrate.
Many danced into the new year, or watched as the skies were lit up with fireworks. For many others, the bumping basslines were replaced with echoes of gunshots and fireworks were replaced with rockets shooting across sky. There was an awakening in 2012, one that saw many people of the world move to change their circumstances and take control of their lives. I started the last year in Africa, in Burkina Faso, where I learned that your existence is qualified by those you have around you, that there is no 'I', without 'We', and that you are not alone. I was raised with this mentality, that your success means little if it is without the upliftment of those around you. As the saying goes, "the only time you should look down on someone is when you're helping them up" but as society becomes increasingly individualistic, driven by material consumerism, this ethos is slowly being eradicated. We must, if humanity is to survive, change the way we see the world. We must move beyond the individualistic self, and look towards a more holistic life, create a symbiotic relationship with all that is around us for we are all connected.
This world is beautiful, and there is great beauty in the unknown. There is a beauty in the fact that we don't know the direction in which this world is heading, but we have the power to create the future we want. The next year - 365 days - is a blank canvass, and each day you live is brush stroke dancing across the page. Colour life in beautiful. If the world is to make a resolution, let it be one of love.

Let 2013 be a year of poetry; that we may live and breathe it, 
that we may be it, and write the future we want. 


  1. Ashe brother. Looking forward to plenty more blog posts from you in 2k13!

  2. Appreciated brother, and likewise! Peace.